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Almond Creamer

Having trouble making almond creamer? Just reduce the amount of almonds to only 3 MioMat cups and you will be fine. If you want even denser creamer, use blanched almonds – 4 or even 5 cups.

Gritty milk even after straining?

If your milk is gritty even after straining, just use fewer ingredients! The more ingredients you use the more dense the milk will be. Always adjust the amount of ingredients to your personal liking.

Milk Programs taking too long?

After using the Cereal or Soy Milk program, MioMat will keep the milk hot if you do not unplug it from the outlet.


You can use frozen fruit when making smoothies in MioMat. Just let it defrost a little bit so it’s not rock solid.

Perfect Pitcher from IKEA

This pircher is wide enough so that the MioMats strainer fits in it perfectly and has a cork lid so you can store your milk right in it! And it’s also super affordable.

MioMat storage for homemade milk

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