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Homemade Plant-based
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plant based milk

Change the way of making homemade plant-based milk

Make your creamy plant milk in the comfort of your home without the mess. MioMat makes any plant-based milk possible! Almond, oat, horchata, or soy milk – you name it! Drink outside the box and be in charge of the used ingredients.


How our milk maker works?


using of Miomat

Step 1

Add your favorite ingredients and water to the jar.


Step 2

Close the machine and choose a program.

Plant based milk

Step 3

Enjoy your healthy food without any additives.

Better Milk for YOU and for the PLANET

What cow milk contains

Store-Bought Almond Milk

2% of Almonds

Has lot of additives

Stored in single-use plastic cartons

Bigger Carbon Footprint


Watery Milk

Plant based milk from almonds

Homemade Almond Milk

8% of Almonds

Only Natural Ingredients

Almost Zero-waste

Lower Carbon Footprint


Better Tasting, Rich Milk

Using a milk maker is also cheaper!

Plant-Based Milk just at the Push of a Button
Differences between different milks

More than just a milk maker

More than just a milk maker​ ...

Plant-based milk is just a beginning. MioMat can also make delicious soups, porridges, smoothies, purées, cocktails and much more … 

Green milk made in miomat

One machine, Endless possibilities...

Miomat milk maker reviews

What our customers say?

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