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  • The plug is not connected properly.  
  • Adapter failure. 
  • The lid isn’t connected properly to the top of the machine. 
  • Too many ingredients. Use recommended measurement  

        – for milk, porridge is 2 measuring cups (5.5oz) 
        – for soups and smoothies put ingredients under the minimum water line indicated inside. 

  • Too little water. Add water up to 1100 – 1300 ml range.  

Machine indicates the ingredients burned and stuck to the bottom of the appliance. Empty the machine and allow it to cool. Remove the stuck-on food with a soft sponge and cleanser. Do not use previously cooked or processed ingredients.  


  • Too many ingredients. Always use more water than dry ingredients! 
  • Too little water. Add water up to 1100 – 1300 ml range.  
  • Unsoaked nuts. Soak the nuts for at least 5 hours.  
  • Put the heavy ingredients, that might sink to the bottom in last. 
  • Don’t use instant ingredients. 
  • Don’t worry, it’s the normal cooking process.  
  • Too much food. Let the machine cool down. Use recommended measurement  

         – for milk or porridge use 2 measuring cups (5.5oz) 
         – for soups or  smoothies put ingredients under the minimum water line indicated inside. 

  • Motor damage. Please contact us 🙂


  • Thickening ingredients are missing. Add a cup of grains or legumes. You can also add thicker vegetables such as potatoes or zucchini. 


  • Attach the grinding cylinder to the blades. Use the grinding cylinder for the following programs – Raw Milk, Cereal Milk, Soy Milk and Cleaning.  
  • Avoid using instant ingredients or ingredients that have been processed. Group Invitation Flier – kopia

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