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The MioMat


MioMat is a set and forget type meaning that you just put unprocessed ingredients into it, start it and MioMat will let you know by beeping once your food/milk is done.

It will go over multiple heating and blending cycles that are designed to get the most out of the used ingredients.

MioMat monitors the internal temperature and adjust the cycle acordingly for the best results.

You do not want to make milk with the water you have been soaking the ingredients in – it causes inflammation. Always toss the water you have been soaking your ingredients in and make your milk with fresh water.

Because it makes the milk more watery.

As naturally creamy milk is our priority so build in strainer was not an option for us.

Build-in strainer greatly restricts the water flow around the blades which results in watery milk.

We did go the oposite way with the grinding cylinder which concentrates the waterflow around the blades and the result is naturally creamy milk.

Grinding Cylinder is a stainless steel ring that attaches to the top of the MioMat when you want to make milk or use the cleaning program.

It concentrates the water flow around the blades which means the blades can spin even faster than without it resulting in naturally creamy milk.

NOTE – MioMat thinks that there is grinding cylinder attached when you select any of the milk and cleaning programs. If you forget to attach it, MioMat will spin its blades so fast it will spill over the top – this will not damage the MioMat, it will just create unnecessary cleaning.

This happens to people who don’t attach the grinding cylinder. The grinding cylinder is a unique part of our machine especially for making plant milk more creamy and leaving it with fewer leftovers. MioMat will go on the highest speeds during milk making process and if the grinding cylinder is not attached MioMat will spill out water.


Just double the amount of ingredients from the milk recipe to get coffee creamer.

There is no set rule on how much more ingredients exactly you have to use but after a few tries you will have your perfect creamer recipe 🙂

MioMat is designed to last – every part that is in contact with your food is made out of food-grade 304 stainless steel. The outer shell is made of quality plastic that does not transfer heat from the inside of the MioMat, making it safe to touch.

MioMat’s motor power is 250 Watts and peak heating power is 750 watts.

As the base of creamy homemade plant milk is powerful blending, MioMat does make blending noise but it is quieter than regular countertop blender.

Thanks to MioMat having double walls and the motor being on rubber standoffs it is relatively quiet given how big the blending power is.

The noise also greatly depends on the type of milk you try to make. If you are trying to make almond milk from unsoaked almonds they will make more noise than for example oats which are soft and do not hit the walls as much.

The noise most noticeable in the start but gets muted over time as the ingredients get crushed.

We do not go the ‘’industry standard’’ way of throwing it into landfill.

We took the time and resources and set up a refurbishment system where we try to save as many MioMats as possible.

If the MioMat that got returned is not heavily damaged and only has light scratches we will test it, clean it and sell as a refurbished unit.

We care about the MioMats that get returned 🙂

MioMat has double insulated walls which means it is safe to touch even when full of very hot liquid.

We do not recommend moving the MioMat when it is in the middle of the program.

MioMat is made in the home of plant based milk – China.

Milk / Food MioMat Makes

This depends on what consistency do you like your milk to be.

We always recommend starting with one MioCup of ingredients (1/2 regulars US cup or 100 grams) and then going from there.

Most people like this milk right away, some like to add more ingredients for a creamier and denser milk.

Generally, half a US cup of ingredients makes 5-6 cups of milk.

Technically no.

MioMat can make milk from any ingredient even without you soaking them first. If you want the most nutritious milk however, we definitely recommend it – soaking seeds, nuts, cereals, or legumes allows us to remove enzymatic inhibitors that are protecting the seed from external factors and prevent us from properly absorbing nutrients. When we activate the seed (by soaking it), we prepare the food to germinate and that’s when the nutrients are at their optimum point to be absorbed. This means milk from soaked ingredients is more nutritious and easier to digest.

We have recommended soaking times in recipe book provided.


Straining milk depends on how you want to use the milk. If you want to use it in cooking, baking or in a smoothie you do not need to strain it at all as you will not feel the pulp. People strain the milk when they want to use it in their coffee or on cereals because they can feel the pulp in their throat.


It is always best to get the needed nutrition from whole ingredients but if you need to you can fortify you milk with powder vitamins and minerals.

Tip – Use sesame seeds if you need more calcium dense milk.

As MioMilk (milk made in MioMat) is purely from natural ingredients and does not have any artificial preservatives nor is pasteurized it will not last as long as a store-bought counterpart.

Without salt it is good for about 2 days when refrigerated and 3-5 days if you add salt which acts as natural preservative.

The quality and freshness of used ingredients also affect the time the milk is good.

Ideally in glass bottes as they do not interfere with the flavor of the milk and maintains the original quality.

TIP – as homemade plant milk does not have any artificial stabilizers, over time it will separate – the ingredients the milk is made out of will fall to the bottom and water will stay on the top – thats why it is best to store the milk in a bottle / container that you can shake – this will put the milk back into usable state 🙂


As milk made in MioMat does not contain any artificial stabilizers your milk will separate over time. To fix it just shake the bottle you have your milk in and it is good to go.


In addition to the endless options from what ingredients you can make your milk there is also many possibilities how to add flavor.

You can add natural flavor by using – fruits like strawberries, raspberries or banana or cocoa, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, cloves etc.


It is always best to research the ingredient you are trying to make the milk out of but gengeraly speaking you will not harm your kid with milk from pure natural ingredients 🙂


You can reheat the milk in a microwave or preferably on a stove to preserve the nutrients. When using stove apply low heat to prevent burns.


We include recipes and general guidelines on how to reuse your nutrient sense pulp into other homemade goodies.


MioMat is all about experimenting and finding your perfect balance of consistency, taste and nutritional value in the milk. There is a maximum limit of 3 MioCups (1.5 US Cups) of ingredients to make the milk. 1 MioCup will make you regular milk, 2 MioCups will make you denser milk and 3 MioCups will make you coffee creamer.

Even though some store-bough brands claim they have ‘’no added sugar’’ in them the milk undergoes a special heat and chemical threathment that will turn some of the scarch from the ingredients into sugar.

So technically speaking they are right – they did not up any refined sugar into their milk but the sugar is still there.

As for your homemade milk you can add any type of sweeteners you want, our favorites are bananas, maple syrup or dates.

Every sweetener has its pros and cons – for example banana is a great natural sweetener but it makes the milk much denser – just to keep that in mind.


The fact that fresh unprocessed ingredients are cheaper than processed product you will save money on homemade plant milk.

Being healthy and saving money – with MioMat you can do both.

Homemade versions of store-bought plant milks almost never taste the same.

Store-bought versions nearly always has very little actual ingredients because of the cost and also because of a simple fact that the more natural ingredients you use the quicker it goes bad which is something store-bought brand do not want. Because of this they try to fix the lack of natural ingredients in the milk with sweeteners – like refined sugar – and fillers for that good mouthfeel.

This is the oposite of homemade milk which is made out of only natural ingredients.

The taste difference will be big as the only thing you will taste is the actual ingredient the milk was made out of – this is a good thing but some people might be surprised that it do not taste as ‘’good’’ as its store bought version.

The beauty of homemade milk is that you can try out different combinations of ingredients to find you perfect mix of taste, texture and nutritional value.

Need to creamier? Add cashews which are very soft and full of natural oils that will make your milk naturally creamy.

Need it more full of protein? Add soybeans which are full of plant protein

Need more calcium? Add sesame seeds which are full of natural calcium.

Need more of something specific? Search on google what natural ingredient contains it and add it to your milk!

The posibilites are endless 🙂

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