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raw almond milk

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40oz/1.2liters in one batch

Half a cup of ingredients (one MioMat cup) will make you 40 oz of milk. This is the normal amount that is the best to start with, however you may like your milk more dense or more watery so adjusting the amount to your liking is recommended.

For soups, porridges and smoothies put ingredients under the minimum water line indicated inside. (1100ml)

Soaking seeds, nuts, cereals, or legumes allows us to remove enzymatic inhibitors that are protecting the seed from external factors and prevent us from properly absorbing nutrients.

When we activate a seed (soak it), we prepare the food to germinate and that’s when the nutrients are at their optimum point to be absorbed.

Even though you can make your milk without soaking the ingredients without a problem, we only recommend it if you need to make your milk in a hurry.

MioMat is designed to produce the richest plant-based milk possible.
This is possible only if ingredients flow freely in the jug, which allows maximal extraction.
This way we achieved the thickest and creamiest milk possible.

PS: Milk from nuts has to be strainer, either way, it’s just much more efficient when the straining is done after the milk is done.

Plant-based milk lasts 3-5 days when stored in the fridge. You can add salt to prolong this but it’s not necessary.


The main difference is that Miomat has the heating envelope in the jug, which allows preparing milk by cooking.

MioMat operates at high RPM’s so it grinds the food precisely, which allows using fewer ingredients with better results.

MioMat also has an advantage with the unique RAW program – the cooking does not exceed 108ºF/42ºC. This allows the nuts to release their flavour without losing nutrients.

MioMat was firstly launched in 2012 in Chile.

We started worldwide distribution in 2021 with the 7th generation MioMat.

MioMat cup
Power cable
Recipe + Instructions book

– Capacity: 37- 43 oz , 1.1 – 1.3 L 
– Electrical rating: 110V – 120V 
– Dimensions: HxLxW 13.8x11x9.1in./35x28x23 cm 
- Plug type: USA/Canada 
– Interior surface: Stainless steel 
– Frequency: 50 / 60Hz 
– Motor / heating power: 250W / 1000W 

When the program light is solid that means the program is still in process and when it’s blinking that means it’s finished.
Also when the MioMat finishes it will beep for one minute.

MioMat firstly cooks the soybeans and then blends them.

The milk goes through cycles as it’s made. There are periods of quiet, and then periods where it can be quite noisy. That said, I don’t find the noise level horrible. The noise is very similar to a powerful blender. 

Yes, you can make creamers with MioMat without a problem. Just add 4 MioMat cups of nuts ( 2 US measuring cups ), cold water between the levels indicated inside, attach the grinding cylinder and start a Raw Milk program. 

12 minutes – no soaking is needed although it’s recommended for easier digestion.

MioMat makes 40oz / 1.2 l liters of milk per batch. This milk will last from 3 to 5 days refrigerated.

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